Most Compulsory Basic Training centres will provide you with all the equipment you will need to pass your CBT which means that most of your costs are included in the one-off fee which will include:

  • Training
  • Bike-hire
  • Helmet
  • Gloves

If you do decide to splash out before your CBT and buy some gloves or a helmet then make sure they are good quality and comply with UK safety standards or are ECE Approved (The European version of a British kite mark).


CBT HelmetA helmet is a legal requirement and you can understand why when you find out that bikers receive eleven times more injuries on the roads than car drivers! There are many different styles of helmet but full-face helmets offer the most protection and when buying your helmet don’t risk buying one second-hand as it’s not worth the risk. You don’t know the history of the helmet and if it’s had a  knock then it may offer very little protection as modern helmets are designed to work by crushing to absorb impact and therefore can only work once.


If you have an accident then you will instinctively put our your hands to break the fall so a good pair of gloves are essential. Gloves are either made from leather or textile with leather traditionally offering more protection but they can get sweaty where as textile gloves may offer slightly less protection but will give more breathability to your hands during summer months and hotter weather.

Can I use my own bike for the CBT Test?

One of the questions we get asked the most is whether you can use your own moped, scooter, or motorbike for your CBT and the answer is technically yes, although we wouldn’t recommend it and it’s simpler to use a bike provided by the CBT test centre.

Obviously if you already hold a CBT and are renewing then the answer is yes, but for this question let’s assume you’ve never taken a CBT.

Most CBT centres will provide a bike for you to use free of charge and so there really is no reason to use your own, but if you really really want to use your own bike then it needs several things:

  • It needs to be road legal with a current MOT (if more than 3 years old)
  • It needs to be taxed
  • It needs L Plates to the front and rear
  • It needs to be insured

The first 3 items may be the easier ones to comply with but it’s the last one about insurance which is the tricky one. As you don’t have a CBT then you will find it hard to get insured, but if you can get insured then this will only cover you whilst doing the actual CBT and not for before which means you can’t ride your bike to the CBT centre and will have to find a way of getting your bike to the test centre without actually riding it and this means either putting it in the back of a van or trailer or maybe pushing it there!

CBT Training CentreThere really is no point to using your own bike when a perfectly suitable one provided by the CBT test centre is an option. The bikes used by them will be roadworthy and they will be insured. Also if you drop the bike, which does happen, then you won’t have to get your bike repaired as their bikes are used to it.

Some people are excited about using their new shiny moped, but the CBT is just one day and once you complete the training you can ride your bike as much as you want, so we say don’t use your own bike for CBT as it’s really easier not to.