If you’re 16 years old then getting your CBT certification and learning to ride a moped is a great chance to get independence and be able to travel on the roads even before you’re able to legally drive a car. Getting your CBT certificate of completion will validate your provisional moped licence and allow you to ride on the road.


There are several limitations to riding a moped and taking your CBT at the age of 16:

50cc Moped– At 16 you are limited to a moped which has an engine up to 50cc with a maximum speed 30mph. Once you reach 17 years of age then you will be able to ride a 125cc bike without having to retake your CBT.

CBT TeenagerL plates – you must display ‘L’ plates on your moped all the time as you are still a learner. You only have a provisional moped licence and your CBT is intended to give you valuable road experience before deciding to opt for taking your full motorcycle licence.

No passengers – You must not carry a pillion passenger on your moped.

Not on motorway – You are not allowed to go on a motorway, firstly because you are still a learner, and secondly because riding at 30mph on the motorway would be dangerous with other road users driving at 70mph.


If you’re 16 then you will have limited experience of driving on the road especially as you will definitely not have driven a car before and so it’s importance to realise that public highways are a dangerous place so don’t take anything for granted. It’s important to know your highway code, understand how the roads work, know the rules and the law, and also realise that being on a moped is not the safest place to be as other road users are not always the safest drivers.

Moped and motorcycle users are 11 times more likely to be involved in an accident than car drivers so make sure you are as safe as you can be and have suitable safety equipment.