The DL196 Certificate is your certificate of completion of the CBT course and you will receive this once you have completed the five stages of the training and your instructor is happy that you are prepared to go out on the road by yourself.

This isn’t a licence to drive but validates the provisional motorcycle and/or moped entitlement on your driving licence and means you are now licensed to ride on the road with L plates (D plates in Wales) and to practice for your motorcycle or moped test. The certificate lasts for 2 years and if you haven’t passed both your theory and practical tests within that time you’ll have to take your CBT again.

What does the certificate look like?

The DL196 certificate has the personal details of the rider, the driver number (so is not transferable), as well as the date of issue and a hologram. Other details include the instructor’s name and certificate number, and the address and reference of the training body. Below you will see what a DL196 looks like (with details blanks out).

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Look after this certificate as you will need to present it when you book and attend your full moped or motorcycle practical test. If you do lose it then you may be able to get a duplicate copy at the training centre where you got your CBT.

We have also uploaded the reverse of the DL196 certificate for your information.