The Compulsory Basic Training is a one day course and lasts between 7-9 hours depending on your ability and sometimes the size of the group. Usually you will have a morning start and end in the late afternoon but most test centres have various slots for your convenience. Your day will consist of the following elements, theoretical and practical, and we have included rough times for each section too.

A. Introduction to CBT (30 to 45 min)
B. Practical on-site training (45 min to 1 hr)
C. Practical on-site riding (2 to 3 hrs)
D. Practical on-road training (45 min to 1 hr)
E. Practical on-road riding (at least 2 hrs)

For more information on these elements please read the article ‘What does the CBT involve?’. These are rough times but you should ensure that you are given the full service when going for your CBT. Some unapproved trainers do not provide a responsible service and will try and get you in and out in a few hours so make sure you go with an approved provider and get the full training you deserve. To find CBT training centres please click here.

DL196 Certificate

At the end of the day, if your instructor is happy with your performance then they will give you a certificate of completion (DL196) which will validate your provisional licence and entitle you to ride a moped on the road as a learner with L-plates. This certificate is valid for 2 years, in which time you will either get your full bike licence, or you will have to retake the CBT to get a new certificate for another 2 years on the road as a learner.