Do I need CBT insurance?

If you are taking your CBT then we recommend you use one of the trainers bikes so that you are covered by their insurance and tax and have one less thing to worry about but if you really want to use your own bike for the CBT then it will need to be roadworthy, have an MOT, have it taxed, and also insured. If you can get insurance then be aware that it will only cover you for the CBT and not actually getting to the centre so you will have to either take it there in a van or push it!

Getting Insurance

Once you’ve passed your CBT then one of the first things you will want to do is buy a moped or motorbike and head out onto the streets but before you do that you will need to get insurance and tax. Basically it’s the same system as if you were driving a car instead of a moped.

It is advisable to get insurance quotes before you go and buy a moped and this will give you a rough idea of what it will cost you and you can work out your budget from there, rather than buying a swish bike and then not being able to afford the insurance!

How much does insurance cost?

The best way to get an insurance quote is from using a comparison site such as ‘Compare The Market’, put in your personal information, and they will search through hundreds of insurance companies and find you the best price. There will be different levels of insurance you can buy from Fully Comprehensive down to Third Party, Fire & Theft as well as deciding on your level of compulsary excess, and these can effect the price of your chosen insurance. Your age, the size of the bike and the area where you live will also effect the price of your insurance so it’s hard to give an idea of the cost.

If you are thinking of not getting insurance then you will be breaking the law and face penalty points and fines that could exceed the cost of inurance so just get it in the first place.

Taxing your bike

To drive on the roads you will also need to get road tax and this is available from most post offices and costs just £16 per year for bikes and mopeds under 150cc. You will need to go to the post office armed with your log book, insurance and current MOT, then you will get your tax disc.